Vermin Drain Infestation in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Vermin Infested Drains West Yorkshire

Vermin or Rat Infested Drains are not a nice thought for anyone! Drain sewers and Pipes can be damaged by burrowing between joints in the surrounding earth and behind brick sewers and in extreme cases can cause the collapse of drains, roads and pavements. Rats love to gnaw through Lead pipes, and can even make a meal of armoured cables. Rats can also attack electrical wiring which can result in electrical failures and fires. To say rats are a nuisance is in our view an understatement!.

Call The Experts

It is always best to consult drainage experts as this can help prevent any small initial drainage problem building up into a much more serious issue. Drain Tex Leeds are experts in the clearance of blocked drains and all aspects of general drainage work.

Work of the highest standards

Our drainage teams work to strict heath and safety standards, so you can rest assured that when choosing DrainTex you can be assured that we will clear your blocked drain quickly, professionally and with the minimum of disruption.

Even if your problem turns out to be more serious than initially anticipated – rest easy knowing that our drainage experts are equipped with the very latest CCTV Drain Surveying equipment and so can deal with whatever problem they encounter.

Drainage Surveys

Dealing with the source of a rat infestation really can mean going where others fear to go! 98% of rat infestations are drainage related and so having a drainage survey carried out is important when trying to resolve this kind of problem. Call us today to talk to one of our drainage experts.

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