High Pressure Water Jetting Leeds, West Yorkshire

Looking for High Pressure Water Jetting in the Leeds area?

For powerful deep cleaning of all types of drainage systems, our Leeds drainage engineers are kitted out with the latest high pressure water jetting equipment, so we can deal quickly and cost-effectively with your common drainage problems. Typically these are issues like reduced flow and unblocking drains

High pressure water jetting is ideal to use in drains, sewers and stack pipes.

High pressure jets remove relatively soft silt or hard solid-set substances like scale or cement. Our High Pressure Water Jetting system is immense so you can rest assured that we WILL shift whatever stands in the way.

Professional Equipment & Operatives

High pressure water jetting is versatile and effective, but needs professional expertise to be used safely and cleanly. At Drain Tex Drains, all of our engineers undergo thorough training in the correct use of high pressure jetting systems, and we pride ourselves in making sure our people know exactly what they are doing.

The system has many other applications also such as stripping floors and machinery of dirt, shifting rubber deposits, and even cleaning rubbish chutes and skips, Call us today for full details of the suitable applications of High Pressure Water Jetting.

Work of the highest standards

Our drainage teams work to strict heath and safety standards, so you can rest assured that when choosing DrainTex you can be assured that we will clear your blocked drain quickly, professionally and with the minimum of disruption.

Even if your problem turns out to be more serious than initially anticipated – rest easy knowing that our drainage experts are equipped with the very latest CCTV Drain Surveying equipment and so can deal with whatever problem they encounter.

How much does high pressure water jetting cost?

Here at DrainTex we understand the worry people face when calling out a blocked drain company. This is why we pride ourselves on offering a no nonsense pricing policy on all of our work. Our team will give you a quotation over the telephone that will be fixed based upon your description of the problem. A fixed price for all Toilet, Sink, Bath or Shower Unblocking!

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