Fixed Price Drain Repairs Leeds, West Yorkshire

No Nasty Price Shocks – GUARANTEED!

Drain Tex understand just how daunting it can be when you have a drainage problem. Dealing with the unknown for anyone is worrying especially when there are so many companies out there undertaking work which at times is completely unnecessary.

Our experience in the industry means that we are confident enough to be able to offer FIXED PRICES over the telephone for most drainage work that we undertake. The first step for you is to give us a call and if we can give you a fixed price before we even come to see you then we will.

A Fixed Price means exactly that – so no surprises and you can rest safe in the knowledge that Drain Tex Leeds will have your drains running freely again in no time.

If you feel you have a very serious problem with your drains then do call us to discuss as we can often get an idea of what could be the issue even by just simply speaking on the phone. Our knowledgable friendly team will gather as much information from you as possible and if it is felt that the problem is indeed a serious one, we will be more than happy to send out one of our qualified Drainage Engineers to carry out a FREE – No-obligation survey and report to you what the issues are.