Drain Relining & Patch Repairs in Leeds

Drain Relining & Patch Repairs

Save your business from expensive and disruptive excavation works, with our swift and cost effective Pipe Lining services. Our trained engineers can remove the need to dig down when your drain system has suffered tree-root damage, broken pipes or leaking ground-water.

Range of Pipe Linings

Drainage pipes do come in various sizes, we can line pipes of all sizes (75mm to 450mm diameter), even in locations where it is hard for traditional methods to reach. We have a large range of linings to suit any application in both ambient and thermally cured systems.

How Drain Relining works?

The system works by pulling a resin impregnated felt into place, and inverting it with either water or air. After the job has cured, we remove what is called an inversion tube, (building a pipe within a pipe). We then use a lateral cutter to reconnect the new pipe to any incoming pipes in the drainage system.

Other services associated to Pipe Lining are;

  • Resin injection – Which stops water coming in using expanding polyurethane resin
  • Localised structural repairs – Target isolated defects cost-effectively and repair quickly
  • Manhole rehabilitation, restoration and replacement – Restore structural integrity of the manhole with a water-tight coating system, or indeed we can replace all types of manholes.

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