Blocked Toilet, Sink or Bath in Leeds, West Yorkshire?


Toilets should just work! But as with most things, they can go wrong from time to time. A blocked toilet is supposed to be a convenience, not an inconvenience. Blocked toilets can lead to a whole host of problems such as nasty smells and if left for too long can become a health hazard too.

Normally blocked toilets are relatively straight forward to sort out, and can be cleared easily, quickly and very inexpensively. We advise customers not to ignore recurring blocked toilet problems for example, problems flushing or clearing as if this is happening then the problem could be a little more serious.

BLOCKED Sinks, Baths, Showers

If you have noticed that either the water is taking a long time to drain following bathing, or if indeed the water is not draining at all, then you may need your drains clearing to allow water to run freely.

Check what’s wrong

It is always a good idea to check sinks in different rooms to see if the problem is isolated. If so then the problem is likely to be related to the one basin. However, if you find that all of the sinks, baths, showers are having similar problems, then it is more likely a problem with the main drain system outside of the property and therefore you may have a completely blocked drain.

Call The Experts

It is always best to consult the experts as this will prevent any small initial problem building up into a much more serious issue. Drain Tex Leeds are experts in clearing toilet, sink, bath, shower blockages fast! Whether the blockage is inside the internal pipework or indeed externally in the sewers – if your toilet or sink is not flushing or clearing, or perhaps your toilet or sink is overflowing then we have the expertise to identify any problems quickly.